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“I love to learn by observing – both the people around me, and the natural world.  These are the ways God teaches me about Himself.”

Susan’s stories draw the reader into imaginary worlds that surprise and delight, and perhaps inspire.  She is a fan of both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, and this enthusiasm shows in her own work.  She also enjoys historical fiction that lets her observe people of different times and places, as well as fiction and non-fiction that explore our relationship to God.

Susan is a retired probation officer and “retired” mother of one well-grown daughter, and is the wife of an Anglican priest.


top article                                       The Forest

http://revsusangillespie.com/?author=34 Book I of Menchian Journeys

Timkin is a disappointment to his family, a misfit among his people, and now he is lost in the Forest.  But what seems like the end is really the beginning of  a mysterious Journey, a long and arduous quest that leads him deeper and deeper into the great Forest, through trials of pride, folly, loyalty, faith, and love as Timkin is drawn on to fulfillment of his destiny.


The Desert Front Cover

The Desert

Book II of Menchian Journeys

The impulsive Weskin, angry at being passed over and sent to live with relatives, launches himself into a quest to save his beloved, and finds a truer love and a calling far greater than he had imagined.



The Wisdom of Ambrose

Susan Anderson is a “successful” woman with grown children and a husband who loves her – but she doesn’t really know who she is, or where she belongs.  Then she slides into a mysterious world, and meets a wise but humble bear named Ambrose.

A fantastical fable of self-discovery

4 Responses to About the Author

  1. Mary Mailer Rigney says:

    So pleased to have recently been sent your blog by a mutual classmate and friend. It was great to get to know you again through your musings, and will certainly be looking forward to reading your books. Especially enjoyed seeing all those beautiful smiling friends seated around the table where memories and laughter were shared.

  2. Susan says:

    Mary, what a nice surprise to hear from you! I hope we can add your smiling face to the group next time we meet.

  3. Linda Mori says:

    Enjoyed your blog Susan, I didn’t know you were a retired probation officer. We did have a good at lunch. Looking forward to reading your books.

    Linda Mori

  4. Susan says:

    Hi Linda, I’m so enjoying being back in touch with the Santa Rosa girls. I’d love to catch up more. It’s amazing to think how long ago it all was.

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