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License, or – ? I’ve just started reading The Revenant, a Novel of Revenge by Michael Punke.  It recounts the story of Hugh Glass, a legendary mountain man/fur trapper who was horribly mauled by a grizzly bear and left for dead by his companions. … Continue reading

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explanation “Nowadays most men lead lives of noisy desperation” – James Thurber Do you ever long for silence?  I do.  I’m a writer, so that means that my work is all about words.  In addition to creative writing, a writer is … Continue reading

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The Next Thing

forxiga where to buy Do you ever feel you have lost some important part of your identity?  That you have become defined by a role you play?  Or that other people’s demands, or media distractions, are taking too much control of your life?  As … Continue reading

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Why Fantasy?

“Is this written for children?” Authors of fantasy, myself included, often hear this question. The answer is, well, no.  Yes.  Maybe. Both C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien pointed out that although fairy tales and myths have in our culture been … Continue reading

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Old Friends Meet

How fun is it to have lunch with old school chums you haven’t seen in many years?  Really fun!  There we all were, laughing and squealing as though we were still in junior high, and reminisced.  Finally, we are old … Continue reading

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Jonah – a prophet who defied God.  The Prodigal Son’s elder brother – a man who refused to forgive.  What if they met? Read an excerpt from my short story, “Jonah,” here: Comments welcome!

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New Review of The Desert

For a wonderful review of The Desert, be sure to check out this link to “Bindings”, a blog on the Christian Post:, written by Christine Sunderland, author of The Magdalene Mystery.  

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Train Romance

What is it about trains? As I write this, I hear a train whistle nearby.  It’s the Wine Train, starting its day of carrying excited tourists up the Napa Valley.  What is it about trains that draws us so?  Why are they so … Continue reading

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Birthing a Novel

They say writing a novel is like giving birth.  I don’t think that’s quite right.  Writing a novel is like being pregnant; having it published is like giving birth. When the idea for a new novel first strikes us, it … Continue reading

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The Desert – New Book!

Re-announcement of my new book, The Desert.  A sequel to The Forest, it is the story of an impetuous young man who plunges into a forbidding and unknown desert, intent on rescuing his beloved.  He finds mortal danger, friendship and … Continue reading

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