Being the Image of God

Each of us is a reflection of God.  Isn’t that stunning, when you really think about it?   How far I feel from the dignity and honor of simply, in myself, reflecting Him!

But of course, no one reflects Him completely.  How could the finite fully reflect the infinite?  Yet though my reflection is partial, it is authentic.  It is true.  And when I live it out, I glorify God by reflecting Him into the world.

Here is my suggestion:  Each of us contains, at our deepest center point, some attribute of God that is the very core of his/her identity.  One might be centered in compassion; another in truth, or righteousness; some in various modes of creativity.  We are born with this center, and life may or may not help us develop it; life will almost certainly distort, distract, or attempt to destroy it in various ways so that by the time we reach adulthood, we probably don’t know what that center of ourselves is.  If we are believers, we try to glorify God by doing various kinds of good works that are approved by our religion.

But really, it is much, much simpler than that – and perhaps more difficult.  To glorify God, find that deep place inside yourself that is your core.  It is the turbine that, once found, generates unstoppable energy and fills you with joy.  Once freed, it makes of you a fully authentic reflection of God.

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