Books Now Available!

click for more At last, at last!  Please look to the right on your screen, and click on “Books.”  The Forest and The Wisdom of Ambrose are here, and available at the on-line sources shown, as well as from me personally.  I don’t yet, however, have the shipping costs nailed down for those who need them mailed.  I am working on it, and should have that all together in the next week or so.  If you want one personally signed and mailed, please let me know by e-mail ( and I will let you know the cost and get them out as soon as I can.  

look what i found To those who have lent me their enthusiasm  (and sympathy when the waiting dragged on), thank you all very, very much!  Your encouragement has been very dear to me.

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  1. Susan, I am now the proud owner of your books! They are wonderful. I began with Ambrose last night and couldn’t put it down, so a bit sleep today… well written and such a lovely story! While for adults, Ambrose reminds me of Winnie the Pooh, Narnia, and the Hobbit all rolled into one. I had wonderful dreams. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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