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Old Friends Meet

How fun is it to have lunch with old school chums you haven’t seen in many years?  Really fun!  There we all were, laughing and squealing as though we were still in junior high, and reminisced.  Finally, we are old … Continue reading

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Love and Marriage

Looking at marriage from the perspective of 30-odd years’ experience is quite different from looking at it as a teen-age observer, a newlywed, or a young parent.  My love and I find ourselves talking quite often about how we were, … Continue reading

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New Year Reflection

1/1/11:  Our family’s New Year’s tradition is to spend some time journaling about the year past – what it has been for us, what it means to us – and then look ahead into the new year to try to … Continue reading

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The Mystery of Aging

Juxtaposition of times.  I’ve been re-inhabiting my fifth grade year (for the current writing project).  Now and then I awaken from it into today.  This happens especially if I look into a mirror.  Who is that?  That “I” looks radically … Continue reading

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