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order clomid online cheap Every time we drive a freeway, we are in the midst of strangers.  My car is a kind of metaphor for the fact that I function within my own world, and the worlds of all those others  are opaque to me … Continue reading

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Hospital Time

dapoxetine buy blog Angiogram, followed by angioplasty and three brand-new stents for my husband.  An overnight stay in the hospital.  It was a lovely, new  hospital with all the latest equipment.   The staff was uniformly friendly, reassuring and competent.  There is no doubt that … Continue reading

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Technology vs. Books

There is nothing for it but to limit my use of computer and television drastically.  I have lived my whole life awash in books – books of all sorts.  They have been my friends, my teachers, my inspirers, my opponents … Continue reading

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Living With(out) Technology

I used to spend time just sitting and thinking.  Did you?  I’d get a cup of tea, and lounge on the sofa, and stare out the window.  All kinds of thoughts would flow through my mind.  Soon, I would notice … Continue reading

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Living with Technology

It seems I am always wrestling with technology, in one way or another.  Often I think I am too old for it all – my brain hasn’t been properly “formatted” to use it well.  It seems like younger people take … Continue reading

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