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New Review of The Desert

For a wonderful review of The Desert, be sure to check out this link to “Bindings”, a blog on the Christian Post:, written by Christine Sunderland, author of The Magdalene Mystery.  

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New Book!

Here is my new, beautifully illustrated small coffee table book to delight adults and children alike, and just in time for Christmas.  It is Plura: The Fantastic Adventures of a Drop of Water.   Plura is a tiny droplet with a big thirst for all that … Continue reading

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Yay, Giants!!!  Mostly I think baseball is the most boring game ever invented, with the possible exception of golf.  But I did enjoy following the World Series, and it feels good to have been rooting for the winning team (for … Continue reading

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The word “husband” has been running around my head lately.  It seems odd that it means both the male partner in a marriage, and, as a verb, to conserve or carefully manage in economics.  And “husbandman” means a farmer!  What … Continue reading

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America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee!  And He has, for decade after decade, through times of shame and times of heroism.  He is with us, and He won’t let go!  He told me so!

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Just saw “Avatar.”  Lots of fun, great special effects, very imaginative  – sort of “Dances with Wolves” on LSD.  It seemed to me to carry a lot of messages: the military is bad; America is bad; capitalism is bad; technology … Continue reading

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More About the Star

Why a star?  To me, it is a sign of the presence of the Kingdom, not only around us in this world, but the limitless universe as well.  The material world with which we are familiar is what we can … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve.  It presents a question:  How to celebrate?  Or indeed, to celebrate at all?  We have long ago discovered that New Year’s Eve is the worst time for partying.   Instead, we have developed a tradition: we sit in a warm … Continue reading

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Augustine, following Plato, believed in the pure essence of each thing as existing within the mind of God.  This means that my heavenly Father holds me, in my pure essence, within Himself.  Thus I shall never finally be destroyed.  And Jesus’ … Continue reading

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Christmas Day is only a week away.  So far, we have not “caught the spirit.”  I tell myself that Christmas doesn’t really begin until December 25 – we are now still in Advent, a more quiet, meditative time of preparation.  So … Continue reading

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