suhagra force buy online I was no more than two or three years old when a strange but wonderful moment came upon me.  I was watching the passing scene from a car window as rolling hillocks of very green grass flowed by, lit by sunshine from a blue sky.  Suddenly, I was, for just a moment, remembering a familiar Place.  Not the place my parents lived in, but a different kind of native land, a Place I had known before.  Someone there loved me then, and loved me still, and I longed for it (and them) with a deep, contented longing – contented because I knew that life was not gone forever and indeed went on even then.

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hydrochlorothiazide cost goodrx The moment passed, and life went on, taking me farther and farther away from that Place, but every once in a while a particular scene, a particular expanse of bright sunlit grass, jogs me back for just a moment to that childhood ride and the marvelous Memory.   It only comes when all thought is released, and one simply receives it as a child.

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chloramphenicol usa It happened again today.  I was alone on the River Trail, and suddenly the Memory was there.  It lasted a long time, the whole of my walk, and it gave me new understandings.

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dutas t tablet price It seemed to me the trees, especially, are always singing.  It’s a wordless, melody-less song about joy, and suffering, and wisdom, and life.  I think maybe all things in nature sing like that, if we learn to listen.  It seemed to me, too, that the trees can sing like that because they live all the time both in this world and in that beautiful, peaceful, familiar world.  It seemed to me that, walking along, I might at any moment find that I had stepped right into that world, myself. Something in me hoped that would happen.  I want to go Home, and I know that it is there, waiting for me.  But I know it isn’t time yet.

female viagra price in bangladesh Here is the thing, though.  If the trees can do it, it seems there is a promise that I might, just might, learn to live more and more in the awareness of there, while here.

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  1. Kim says:

    buy prandin online God has certainly gifted you with the ability to live in the moment and appreciate His creation and give Him the glory for it.

    zovirax ointment price When you describe the trees singing, it reminded me of several passages of Scripture that confirm the idea of nature singing (not to mention the Christmas hymn, “Let heaven and nature sing!”). 1Chronicles : Then shall the trees of the wood sing out at the presence of the Lord, because He cometh to judge the earth”. And Psalms 19, 50, and 97 all have verses which say that the heavens (space/stars/planets) declare His glory, His righteousness. And then there’s Luke 19:40 when Jesus says, on that first Palm Sunday, that the stones would immediately cry out if the people were to withhold their praises of Him! So, I think you are onto something about nature singing–of its Creator.

    decadron price And lastly, Romans 8:22 describes all of creation “groaning” as it waits for the redemption from bondage that awaits it when He returns!

    allegra price I think your longing for Home is right in line with the rest of nature.

  2. dapsone gel price Dear Susan, I too have had these moments, in nature, with people, and most predictably in the Eucharist. All sings to the glory of God. And soon we shall know that glory and that song. Time is fleeting. Blessings to you for all you have given us. I am going to reread all your wonderful novels since I cannot wait for the next one. With much love, Christine.

  3. Susan says:

    benzac ac gel price mercury drug Kim, thank you for the scripture citations. I did not realize there were so many like that, and it is very affirming to me. There is something about trees . . . .

  4. Susan says:

    sumycin where to buy Christine, you are very kind. Thank you! I love to hear about your “thin places” and know that we each have our avenues to tune in to the Kingdom. Hearing from you opens new possibilities to me. The grace of God continually amazes.

  5. ecosprin 75 mg price Indeed! The grace of God continues to amaze me as well. We are all in His palm.

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