Success and Stress

It’s been less than a month since The Forest and The Wisdom of Ambrose came out.  To my astonishment and gratitude, the boxes of them we ordered have sold like hot cakes, and more are on the way.  There have even been some lovely reviews on Amazon.  It is so wonderful when a reader really “gets” what I’ve written – a lot like having someone notice how beautifully one’s daughter dances.  The books are very much like grown children – no longer all mine, out there in the big world on their own.

I’ve been immersed in learning things, organizing myself for marketing tactics, prioritizing, working up courage to talk to groups.  No wonder I got sick.  I miss writing!

Listen to me!  Is that complaining I hear?  No – just someone learning what it means to have some success.  Life changes, and with it, oneself.

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One Response to Success and Stress

  1. Kim says:

    Susan, perhaps this time of adapting to new success is something like finding your bearings in a forest.

    Whatever the case, give yourself permission to enjoy it all!

    God bless you.

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