Love and Marriage

Looking at marriage from the perspective of 30-odd years’ experience is quite different from looking at it as a teen-age observer, a newlywed, or a young parent.  My love and I find ourselves talking quite often about how we were, remembering what we thought and felt “back then,” and comparing it to where we are now.  We are happy to be where we are now!

I came across a poem that expresses all of it for me, and that I hope may be recognized with a smile by other old married folks, and a blessing of encouragement to those who are at an earlier stage:


Lovetime is moonlight,

And marriage is daylight,

And none of us stands the exposure too well;

And most of us long to go back to the moonlight –

Dear nights of moonlight that cast such a spell.


Lovetime is starlight,

And marriage is sunlight,

Hurting our eyes with the glare and the heat;

And most of us long to go back to the starlight –

Dear silver starlight when love was so sweet.


Lovetime is dreaming,

But marriage is living,

And tolerance teaches a way to be blind;

And daylight and sunlight seem moonlight and starlight,

After the years teach us how to be kind.

(This was attributed to Susan Andrews
Kimball and printed in the “Letters”
section of Touchstone, May/June

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3 Responses to Love and Marriage

  1. Kim says:

    What a lovely poem. And so very true! Is there anything more wonderful than to see an elderly couple, clearly still devoted to one another and tender?

    We like to age well in our bodies. We should desire that our marriages would age well also.

    Living in my second, and very wonderful, marriage, I do yearn for that longevity, that shared history, with my mate.

    The years do teach us to be kind, if we’re teachable.

  2. Allison says:

    I like it. reminds me that it is worth the work, no matter how blindingly frustrated I get.
    Our pastor is doing a 6 week sermon on marriage and this week was on the norming, storming, forming and performing of a marriage’s growth. We have been stormy for quite awhile now, tho that is expected with the stress of young children, it is nice to see you guys made it thru and are still in love.
    Thank you for being a continuing inspiration for me 🙂
    Love you!!!

  3. Susan says:

    Allison, the storms are tough, there is no getting around it. And yes, children do add to the difficulties, even as they bind you closer together. There have been times when I didn’t think we’d make it, and we wouldn’t have without our God’s help. So I’m glad you are receiving some teaching in church that is designed to keep you in touch with Him. He truly is faithful. Someday, you and James will look back over it all, and realize how good it is to still be holding hands! We pray for you every day.

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