Readin’ ‘n Writin’

The confluence of two passions: I just visited the library and brought home some new literary treasures to savor; and NaNoWriMo started today, which means writing about 2,000 words every day for the next month, with an eye to completing a 50,000 word novel in that time.  How to satisfy both?  Today I have put 3,400 words into my trusty (I hope) computer, worked out at the gym, watched the Giants win the World Series, and when I finish this post, will settle in with a book to read.  A good day!  Can I keep up the pace?  We’ll see.

Meanwhile, I want to recommend Alexander McCall Smith’s series – his “#1 Ladies Detective Agency” was made into an HBO hit, so it’s pretty well known.  But he has two more series, one the “44 Scotland Street” group, and the other my personal favorite, the Isabel Dalhousie series.  I love Isabel, who is a philosopher and editor of an ethics journal, and who allows her generosity toward people, mixed with her continual ethical ponderings, to draw her into little mysteries which her family and friends keep trying to tell her are not really her affair at all.  It all takes place in Edinburgh, and the author brings the charm of that city onto every page.  I so admire a writer who can write mysteries that are gentle, warm and humorous.  Aren’t we all really, really tired of murders by now?

Next on my list is “Mayflower” by Nathaniel Philbrick.  It is said to be a revisionist history of the pilgrims that is unbiased.  With a conundrum like that, how could I resist?

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8 Responses to Readin’ ‘n Writin’

  1. Kim says:

    Susan, you put my day to shame. I so admire your gifts and am glad you’re multiplying your talents.

  2. Fr. Thomas says:

    Unbiased revisionist history?! That is an oxymoron — like “airline food.” Sorry for my cynicism on that one.

  3. Susan says:

    Kim – That was not my usual day! I was bragging, I guess. It felt so good to be writing, doing what I love, all energized.

  4. Susan says:

    Oxymoron!!! Thanks, Fr. Thomas. That’s the word I was looking for. Does “conundrum” fit also? Anyway, I was interested in the book already, but when I saw that particular phrase, I HAD to find out what he meant.

  5. I wish you all the best with your writing discipline, Susan! I just jot when I can…life seems to take over most of the time. But then we write about life, don’t we? But yes, reading and writing is delicious, and sometimes addictive, so I try and say my prayers first, to keep things in perspective. Looking forward to reviewing that book soon to come out!

  6. Susan says:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Chris. Waiting on that book has become a way of life!

  7. Susan says:

    P.S. I just saw the word, “reviewing.” I would be very honored to have you do that! Thank you!

  8. I’m looking forward to it! Be patient and faithful, and God will do the rest.

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