Seasons and Seeds

kamagra oral jelly order online © Susan Prudhomme 8/09

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can you buy kamagra oral jelly over the counter colchicine over the counter uk  

starlix 120 mg cost Seasons flow, springtime sliding into summer’s warming June,

skinoren cream price in qatar And all men know that summer, at its turn, toward fall must go;

detrol price We cannot check the slow advance that takes us almost unawares

vilitra 10 price in india In graying tress and creased brow, the harbingers of winter’s stare.

vidalista 20 uk A seed is made, and borne away on breezes lilting through the sky,

penegra 100 buy online india Is dropped, it knows not where, and falls to earth to die and bury there;

proviron online order From death it sprouts, the roots descend, and tendrils rise toward air and light.

lopimune buy In darkness lies the seed, unconscious of approaching Paradise.

viagra buy Whither shall I fly, and where descend?  The Spirit carries

keto cream price in india Me along, to His own ends.  And someday I shall lie in death, beneath

paxil order The earth, and feel His call, and rise to Life that never ends,

flonase otc price Among the saints, reborn and whole in True Jerusalem.

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