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A Theology of Oreo Cookies

buy modafinil leopharmarx Forrest Gump said, “Life is like a box of chocolates.”  But I think life is like an Oreo cookie.  The bottom cookie is the world as we know it.  The top cookie is heaven.  They do not exist apart, but … Continue reading

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Books Now Available!

http://steveprescott.com/d/KGAEv0_k1Aw At last, at last!  Please look to the right on your screen, and click on “Books.”  The Forest and The Wisdom of Ambrose are here, and available at the on-line sources shown, as well as from me personally.  I don’t … Continue reading

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Fat is a prison we build around ourselves.  It begins as a defense, a fortress behind which we can hide, avoiding risk-taking in relationships, expectations of measuring up, or the pressures of success.  The result is a jelly-like wall built … Continue reading

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The Spider’s Lesson

I am blessed to live with someone who loves to garden and has a talent for making beautiful places.  My part is to do a little dead-heading, and offer ideas, and appreciate what he has done.  What a deal! Today … Continue reading

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