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Being the Image of God

Each of us is a reflection of God.  Isn’t that stunning, when you really think about it?   How far I feel from the dignity and honor of simply, in myself, reflecting Him! But of course, no one reflects Him completely.  … Continue reading

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Christmas Eve

Christmas comes in many layers.  On the far outside are the stores with their decorations, the crowds, the gift-buying, the Salvation Army bells.  This begins to set the mood and draw us toward the center.  Closer to home, in our … Continue reading

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Original Innocence

Innocence.  Here is a word with layers.  Mostly, we tend to think of innocence in a juridical sense, as meaning “not guilty of a specific crime.”  But there is also a deeper sense, which we call the innocence of children.  … Continue reading

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I have an assignment to write a short story themed on “love.”  What a huge topic!  How can I say anything new about it?  How can I come up with a story that is not smarmy and trite?  The more … Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces

It is to me a marvel, the way seemingly disparate sources give us puzzle pieces that fit together into a unified whole.  I seem to be developing a whole cosmology (or is the Spirit teaching me?) out of bits of … Continue reading

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Driving Up-Valley today, I was struck afresh by the advent of spring.  Everywhere were green grasses, green trees, green hedges, even green weeds.  So much green!  God must love that color, since he has made so many shades, and apportioned them … Continue reading

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Reading the creation story in Genesis, I suddenly pictured myself tucked safely under God’s arm, watching as He worked, day by day calling more and more of His universe into being.  “Let there be light,” He said.  Now, I can … Continue reading

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