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Happiness, etc.

Are you happy?  How do you pursue happiness?  I recently received a “forward” whose gist was that the secret of happiness is to depend entirely on God.  I sent it to a friend serving a life term in prison who … Continue reading

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Original Innocence

Innocence.  Here is a word with layers.  Mostly, we tend to think of innocence in a juridical sense, as meaning “not guilty of a specific crime.”  But there is also a deeper sense, which we call the innocence of children.  … Continue reading

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New Year Reflection

1/1/11:  Our family’s New Year’s tradition is to spend some time journaling about the year past – what it has been for us, what it means to us – and then look ahead into the new year to try to … Continue reading

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Advent.  Such an ignored season, submerged under the flood of Christmas – no, X-mas – excess.  Imagine, expecting people to enter into four weeks of silence, introspection, and contemplation, just when the tree has to go up, gifts have to … Continue reading

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Technology vs. Books

There is nothing for it but to limit my use of computer and television drastically.  I have lived my whole life awash in books – books of all sorts.  They have been my friends, my teachers, my inspirers, my opponents … Continue reading

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Social Activism

Recently, on a friend’s blog (see “Thoughts on God and Life” in my links list), a heated discussion took place about the value of social activism in a Christian’s life.   Opinions ranged from assertions that social activism is THE business of … Continue reading

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More Lent

Okay, so we are well into it.  How are you doing?  I think I like the route I’ve chosen, which is an amalgam of different practices, some only done once a week.  Probably the most meaningful has been memorizing Psalm … Continue reading

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Life in Prison

I talked today with a young man I know who is in prison for life.  Whenever I see him or hear from him, I am struck anew by the tragedy of a man’s whole life lived literally in a small … Continue reading

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Lent is coming.  February 17.  A time for being intentional about clearing away some of the obstacles between ourselves and God.  There is a standard practice of giving up something – chocolate, alcohol – for the forty days (minus Sundays) … Continue reading

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