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Pre-Easter Ponderings

Holy Saturday.  Thursday was Maundy Thursday, with an evening church service to celebrate the institution of the Eucharist.  It ended with the stripping of the altar, in which every ornament is removed.  At the end, the altar is completely bare, … Continue reading

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Original Innocence

Innocence.  Here is a word with layers.  Mostly, we tend to think of innocence in a juridical sense, as meaning “not guilty of a specific crime.”  But there is also a deeper sense, which we call the innocence of children.  … Continue reading

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New Year Reflection

1/1/11:  Our family’s New Year’s tradition is to spend some time journaling about the year past – what it has been for us, what it means to us – and then look ahead into the new year to try to … Continue reading

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The Spider’s Lesson

I am blessed to live with someone who loves to garden and has a talent for making beautiful places.  My part is to do a little dead-heading, and offer ideas, and appreciate what he has done.  What a deal! Today … Continue reading

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America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee!  And He has, for decade after decade, through times of shame and times of heroism.  He is with us, and He won’t let go!  He told me so!

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