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Train Romance

buy Pregabalin with mastercard What is it about trains? As I write this, I hear a train whistle nearby.  It’s the Wine Train, starting its day of carrying excited tourists up the Napa Valley.  What is it about trains that draws us so?  Why are they so … Continue reading

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buy provigil pills God’s grace is one of the greatest of mysteries.  I think a fitting Advent preparation for Christmas would be to try to comprehend more of this great gift than we ever have before.  Paul Tillich described it this way: “Grace … Continue reading

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Power and Powerlessness

order malegra Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  This is a truism with which we are all familiar.  The lack of power also corrupts, in that it relieves us of responsibility – and the absolute lack of power also corrupts absolutely … Continue reading

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Readin’ ‘n Writin’

The confluence of two passions: I just visited the library and brought home some new literary treasures to savor; and NaNoWriMo started today, which means writing about 2,000 words every day for the next month, with an eye to completing a … Continue reading

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Yay, Giants!!!  Mostly I think baseball is the most boring game ever invented, with the possible exception of golf.  But I did enjoy following the World Series, and it feels good to have been rooting for the winning team (for … Continue reading

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