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Being the Image of God

Each of us is a reflection of God.  Isn’t that stunning, when you really think about it?   How far I feel from the dignity and honor of simply, in myself, reflecting Him! But of course, no one reflects Him completely.  … Continue reading

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Original Innocence

Innocence.  Here is a word with layers.  Mostly, we tend to think of innocence in a juridical sense, as meaning “not guilty of a specific crime.”  But there is also a deeper sense, which we call the innocence of children.  … Continue reading

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America!  America!  God shed His grace on thee!  And He has, for decade after decade, through times of shame and times of heroism.  He is with us, and He won’t let go!  He told me so!

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I’ve been thinking about men.  No, not THAT way!  Just wondering – in our day and age, how do boys learn to be men?  How do we all understand what it means to be a man? The last few decades … Continue reading

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