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Resurrection.  Have you ever tried to imagine it?  What does it look like?  What actually happened to Jesus’ body?  Do you imagine the color beginning to flow back into his flesh, then his eyes opening, then his arms and legs … Continue reading

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8/5/10:  In my Lectio Divina group today, we read Hebrews 10:14 – “By virtue of that one single offering, He has achieved the eternal perfection of all whom He is sanctifying.”  Eternal perfection. My response was an incredulous, “Even me?”  … Continue reading

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8/5/10:  Saints.  One of those subjects that make for contention among the major branches of Christendom.  As an Anglo-Catholic with distinctly Protestant roots, I am right there at the place where the trunk of catholic (universal) Christianity divides into Catholic … Continue reading

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Reading the creation story in Genesis, I suddenly pictured myself tucked safely under God’s arm, watching as He worked, day by day calling more and more of His universe into being.  “Let there be light,” He said.  Now, I can … Continue reading

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