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Every time we drive a freeway, we are in the midst of strangers.  My car is a kind of metaphor for the fact that I function within my own world, and the worlds of all those others  are opaque to me … Continue reading

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Hospital Time

Angiogram, followed by angioplasty and three brand-new stents for my husband.  An overnight stay in the hospital.  It was a lovely, new  hospital with all the latest equipment.   The staff was uniformly friendly, reassuring and competent.  There is no doubt that … Continue reading

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Resurrection.  Have you ever tried to imagine it?  What does it look like?  What actually happened to Jesus’ body?  Do you imagine the color beginning to flow back into his flesh, then his eyes opening, then his arms and legs … Continue reading

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Technology vs. Books

There is nothing for it but to limit my use of computer and television drastically.  I have lived my whole life awash in books – books of all sorts.  They have been my friends, my teachers, my inspirers, my opponents … Continue reading

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Loneliness is part of the human condition.  There is an intense loneliness that we all feel at times, and that, counter-intuitively, can only be remedied by solitude.  It seems we can become so attuned to external stimuli that we lose … Continue reading

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Living With(out) Technology

I used to spend time just sitting and thinking.  Did you?  I’d get a cup of tea, and lounge on the sofa, and stare out the window.  All kinds of thoughts would flow through my mind.  Soon, I would notice … Continue reading

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Thinking about earthquakes.  The devastation in Haiti  and the suffering that is going on there make it hard to countenance my concerns with the petty issues of my own life right now.  What should be my response?  What can be … Continue reading

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Living with Technology

It seems I am always wrestling with technology, in one way or another.  Often I think I am too old for it all – my brain hasn’t been properly “formatted” to use it well.  It seems like younger people take … Continue reading

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Just saw “Avatar.”  Lots of fun, great special effects, very imaginative  – sort of “Dances with Wolves” on LSD.  It seemed to me to carry a lot of messages: the military is bad; America is bad; capitalism is bad; technology … Continue reading

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