The Forest: Book I of Menchian Journeys

interview Timkin Tanwarrel is a misfit in the tradition-bound society of Menchians.  He longs for the open blue sky that his people fear, and to discover more of the wide world than he finds in his home Village,   sheltered by the austere Graybarks.  One day, he falls into the river and is swept away from all he knows.  Bruised and shaken, he meets first Parcaw, a curmudgeonly raven, and then Shenda, a very wise she-wolf.  Though he tries to hide himself away in fear, these two tutors prepare him for the Journey to which the One is calling him.

viagra usa Before long, Timkin becomes a hero to the creatures of the Glen, and is tempted to remain with them as their leader.  But the call in his heart urges him on, and soon he discovers just how fragile his heroism had been.  On his solitary path, he must come to terms with his own failure and find forgiveness, even as he learns to survive alone in the Great Forest, and later, to save his friend by a grueling, terror-filled climb through steep mountain trails in bitter cold.  Surprises await at the end of this trek and his adventures continue, bringing him ever closer to the Abode of the One and the mysterious purpose to which he is called.

stage “An enchanting journey . . . a wonder-filled tale . . . a finely written work and a true jewel.”  Christine Sunderland, author. “. . . after reading The Forest, this reader will never again look at the world through the same eyes.”  Barbara Gilcrest The Forest is available through:;;; and other naitonal outlets.  It is also available in e-book through and



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