About The Forest

buy amoxicillin online uk “Books about God have their place,”says Susan Prudhomme, “but I believe it is through story that we can best ‘become as little children,’ discover our souls’ delight, and thus deepen our union with God.”  To this end, she has imagined the world of The Forest, full of beauty and challenge, and a winsome character in whose adventures we see reflected our own struggles, doubts and heroisms.

  “The idea for The Forest,” she says, “germinated from a camping trip near Mendocino, California, where I was mesmerized by the deep-forested hills laced with morning mists, and began to imagine what wonders might be discovered among them.”   

 Susan has been a lover of stories all her life.  After a career as a probation officer writing sentencing reports for the criminal courts, Susan is at last free to be a story-teller herself.  She also writes essays which have appeared in Touchstone and short stories for a small journal, Anam Cara, as well as meditations and poetry.

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