The Wisdom of Ambrose


Susan Anderson knows she can’t be just someone’s wife, or someone else’s mother, any longer – but where does she belong?  Seeking solace among the giant redwoods, she slides into another dimension and finds a most unusual friend in an extraordinary bear named Ambrose, and their rollicking adventures in both his world and hers begin.  From the dangers of bee-less honey to a sojourn in solitude among the majestic trees, the two friends meet dangers and wonders, and learn the humility that overcomes both pride and self-doubt.  But it is not until they are brought before the mysterious Lady of the Forest that they each realize their rightful place in the world.

“. . . a well-written, elegant, and captivating tale.”  Christine Sunderland, author

The Wisdom of Ambrose is available through:;;;; and other national outlets.  Also available in e-book through and

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