Website Woes

can i buy zoloft in thailand Dear Friends,

buy nolvadex legal Welcome to the new version of “Let It Flow.”  Amid the rush and chaos of the launch for my new book, The Desert, we discovered a very nasty virus infecting my website.  After two full days of sleuthing, my dear husband was finally able to track it to the theme design.  This has meant setting up a whole new site.  It is now usable, but all its features will not be fully activated for about 30 days.

Blog postings for the preceding 30 days, including the new book announcement, were lost and will be replaced.  If you were “treated” to a distasteful and inappropriate message purporting to be my blog post, I apologize.  That possibility should now be remote.

Thank you for your patience through this, and for your enthusiastic participation in my Amazon “blitz day.”  You made it a rousing success.  Please leave a comment to let me know how you like the new design.

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2 Responses to Website Woes

  1. Jim says:

    Thank God for His help and good web support and hosting.

  2. Ki Reid says:

    I somehow missed this post until now. I think you told me about the website woes, however. It seems to be up and running fine now!

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